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You can view/manage your Affiliates from the Dashboard > Easy Affiliate > Affiliates page.

Each Affiliate on your site will be listed on this page. You can see their username, name, status, and some MTD (Month to Date) data for each affiliate.

Use the search box (search by username or email) to find a particular affiliate.

Clicking on the affiliate's username will link you to their WordPress User Profile where you can further adjust their profile information.

If you'd like to keep notes on certain affiliates, so you don't forget important details about them, then click the page icon in the Notes column. A window will pop-up where you can manage notes for that affiliate.

You can export the data by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking either the Export table as CSV (X records) or Export all as CSV (X records). The former will export only the current page, and the latter will export the entire result (all pages).

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