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How to use Google Analytics with Easy Affiliate

What is Google Analytics

That question falls outside of our scope to fully explain, but in short, it's a free service offered by Google to allow site owners to analyze their traffic, and other aspects of their site(s). Learn More: Google Analytics

Should I use Google Analytics with Easy Affiliate

If you know how to use Google Analytics and already have it set up on your site, then yes. Using Google Analytics with your Easy Affiliate links gives you a wealth of information about how your links and affiliates are performing without putting the strain on your site's traffic and database.

How to enable Google Analytics tracking

Go to Easy Affiliate -> Settings -> General Tab. Scroll down to the “Links” section and enable the “UTM Affiliate Link Tracking” option.

Enabling this option will automatically add Google Analytics UTM parameters to your affiliate links.

Where can I see the Reports

You will go to your Google Analytics Dashboard to view the reports.

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