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How to Pay Affiliates

You will likely want to pay your affiliates on a continual basis. Most common is monthly.

To pay out affiliates, head to Easy Affiliate > Pay Affiliates page.

There you'll see a list of all of your affiliates who have commissions > 0 pending.

Affiliates who are flagged for some reason will have a light red background on their row. This let's you know that there may be some action item needed before paying this affiliate. These might include:

  • Affiliate hasn't set their PayPal email address
  • Affiliate is blocked/banned
  • Affiliate commission total is below your set minimum
  • Affiliate is suspected of fraud

So you'll want to be sure only to check the box next to the affiliates you can/want to pay.

In many cases, you might not want to pay on any commissions that are < X days old. For example, here on we do not pay out on commissions until they are at least 1 month old. This gives us time to account for the refund period, minimizing the risk of paying commissions on sales that will be refunded.

To do this, we set the Month drop-down 2 months in the past. For example, if we're paying affiliates on April 1st, we'd set the Month drop-down at the top of this page to February. This way we're not paying commissions on any sales that happened starting in March, as they would not be quite 1 month old yet. On May 1st we'd set it back to March, and so on.

Once you've adjusted your Date range how you wish, and have checked the boxes next to the affiliates you're going to pay, scroll to the bottom and click the “Pay Selected Commissions” button.

What happens next will depend on what payout method you've enabled in your Settings. Click one of the links below for more information about that method:


PayPal Mass Payments File

PayPal 1-Click Payouts

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