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How to Test Commission Tracking

Before launching your Affiliate Program through Easy Affiliate – we highly recommend that you test your commission tracking.

Follow these steps to test commission tracking:

  1. Create at least 1 creative.
  2. Open your website in an incognito window.
  3. Visit your Affiliate Registration page.
  4. Register as a new Affiliate user.
  5. Optional: If you have the Registration type set to Application, you will need to approve the application and register.
  6. Login as this new affiliate and click on the Links & Banners tab.
  7. Copy the affiliate link.
  8. Important: Log out of the website.
  9. Paste the affiliate link into your browser window.
  10. Make sure it redirects you to the proper URL.
  11. Advanced Option: Use your browser's developer tools to check if the esaf_click cookie exists.
    1. If the cookie doesn't exist in your browser, you might have a caching problem.
    2. Contact our support if you're unable to figure this out.
  12. Make a sale as a new guest user (make sure you're not logged in as an Administrator, or the Affiliate User, as no commission will be tracked).
  13. Log back in as your affiliate user and check your stats to see if the click and commission were tracked properly.
    1. What to do if no commission or clicks were tracked?
    2. Contact our support if you're unable to resolve either
  14. If all went well, you should see a Click and Commission tracked for this affiliate.

Please note that the sale's transaction being tracked should have at least $1 or 1€ value (or equivalent in another currency) or the commission would not be tracked correctly.

In addition, for best results Easy Affiliate should be installed on the same site where you sales are made.

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