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Commission Rule Add-on

This add-on is used for defining custom Rules for your commissions. Want to pay a higher or lower % commission for some products vs other products? Want to pay a lower % if a certain coupon was used?

Well with commission Rules, you can now do that, and more!

First you'll need to install and activate the add-on from the Easy Affiliate > Add-ons page.

Once installed and activated, you'll see a new menu item in Easy Affiliate > Commission Rules.

Click that new menu item to begin managing and setting up your Commission Rules.

Priority: This will determine the order in which this commission rule will be applied when determining commission. The lower the number the higher the priority. This defaults to a priority of 1.

Rules/Matches: This is where you'll define your set of Matches for this Rule.

Type: All or Any. If All, then ALL conditions must match or the Rule won't be applied. If Any, then if ANY one of the conditions are met, the Rule will be applied.

Commission Type: Percentage or Fixed Amount. If Percentage, then the affiliate is paid a % of the sale. If Fixed Amount, then the affiliate is paid a fixed amount for the sale regardless of the amount of the sale.

NOTE: If you have the Commission Levels add-on installed, you will also have the option to add additional commission levels also.

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