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How to Use the Commission Levels Add-on

This add-on is available with the purchase of the Plus or Pro license.

Commission levels are useful for multi-level marketing, sometimes referred to as network or pyramid marketing.

The idea is that the referring affiliate gets X% commission, but you can also pay Y% to X's ancestor, and Z% to the Y's ancestor, and so on. Although, we don't recommend doing too many levels. Once you get past 5-10 levels, you could run into performance issues.

So let's walk through a scenario. Consider the following levels:

  1. 25%
  2. 15%
  3. 10%

Let's say that Sally refers a sale to the site. Sally will get a Level 1 commission (25%). Sally's parent affiliate, or upline, is Jeff. Therefore, Jeff would get the Level 2 commission (15%). And let's say that Sally's grandparent affiliate (Jeff's parent) is Krystal. Krystal would then get the Level 3 commission (10%).

  1. Sally gets 25% of every sale she refers.
  2. Jeff (Sally's parent affiliate) referred Sally and get's 15% of all of Sally's sales. He also gets 25% of any sales he directly refers.
  3. Krystal (Sally's grandparent affiliate, and Jeff's parent affiliate) referred Jeff and get's 10% of all of Sally's sales. She also gets 15% of any sales referred directly by Jeff. And she also gets 25% of any sales she directly refers.

To use levels on your affiliate program, you'll first need to head to Easy Affiliate > Add-ons and install and activate the Commission Levels add-on.

When activated, it adds new Commission Levels settings in the following places:

Settings > Commissions: This is where you can define your global levels (applies to all affiliates unless overridden by one of the settings below).

Easy Affiliate Commission Levels add-on
Global commission levels

User Profile > Commissions Override: If you edit an affiliate's WordPress User Profile directly, you can override the global levels (above). This might be useful if you want to pay a certain affiliate more or less percent (%) on each sale than all other affiliates.

Commission Rules Add-on: If you've enabled our Commission Rules add-on, then you can also override the global levels above with each Rule. This might be useful if you want to pay different commissions based on which product was purchased for example.

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