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How to Use the Affiliate Dashboard

Once your affiliates register and log in to their Affiliate Dashboard, they'll see this page where they can view their stats, get links/banners to share, view payment history, and more:

As you can see, on the left side of the screen affiliates have links to different sections that they'll use. In the main dashboard area, there is a main affiliate link section (don't worry, they'll be able to add more of them), and a section that shows statistical data relevant to them.

The stats for the previous 30 days are displayed by default, but affiliates can change that by clicking the caret down symbol next to the date range, then selecting any period of time:

clicks date range settings in Easy Affiliate

If an affiliate wants to create their own affiliate links for various pages on your site, they can do so using the Generate Custom Link block on the Links & Banners tab.

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