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How to Manually add an Affiliate User in WordPress

If you have your Easy Affiliate registration type set to “Private”, then your affiliates will not be able to register themselves, and you must add them manually.

Adding an affiliate manually is very easy, all affiliates are just regular WordPress User's, so head to your WordPress Dashboard > Users > Add New page and enter in the username/email and other profile details for the new affiliate user.

Click submit to create the new user in WordPress.

After the user is created, go back to the Users page and search for the new user. Hover over their username and click “Edit”.

Scroll down to the Affiliate Settings section and check the “Is this user an Affiliate?” checkbox, then save the User's profile.

The user will now be an affiliate. You'll most likely want to email them directly afterwards to let them know where and how to login to your affiliate dashboard.

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