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How to Manage Affiliate Application Requests

Want to manually approve each affiliate before they can promote? That's easy to do with Easy Affiliate!

First head to Easy Affiliate > Settings > Affiliates tab, and configure the Registration Type to be “Application”.

Application registration type in Easy Affiliate

When this is enabled, Affiliates will be asked to fill out an Application when they visit your Affiliate Registration page. They will not be allowed to register until you have approved their application.

After enabling the Application setting, you'll see a few new options show up below it. We'll break them down below:

Send Affiliate Applied Email: When this is checked, an email will be sent to the Admin when an affiliate applies to your Affiliate Program.

Send Affiliate Approved Email: When this is checked, an email will be sent to the Applicant when an Admin approves an affiliate application.

Application Thank You: This will be the HTML message that will be shown to the Affiliate applicant after they submit an application.

When an affiliate applies, you will receive the Affiliate Applied email in your inbox. Clicking the link in the email will take you to their application where you can then choose to approve or deny them.

If approved, the affiliate will receive the “approved” email above, which contains a special one-time use link which they can use to register for your affiliate program themselves.

You can also view/manage your Affiliate Applications anytime from the Easy Affiliate > Affiliates > Applications tab.

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