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Commissions are Not Tracking

If you suspect that your commissions may not be tracking reliably, then please go through and check the following common causes.


We've found that aggressive caching setups like Varnish or Memcached often prevent tracking cookies from being set when a user clicks on an affiliate link. Without the cookie, nothing can be tracked.

The easiest way to test this is to copy one of your affiliate's links and paste it into a tool like this: First, paste in one of your affiliate links and click Submit. Then scroll down to the HTTP Response Header table and search for Set-Cookie: row. See if esaf_click is listed. If not, then you most likely have a caching or hosting configuration issue preventing cookies from being set. You'll need to work with your webhost to correct this problem.

User Disabled/Deleted Cookies

If the guest (user who clicked the affiliate link) has cookies disabled in their browser, or if they frequently clear their cookie history, then a commission cannot be tracked, as the cookie is the link that connects the guest to the affiliate. Note that it is quite rare for users to have cookies disabled.

User Bought on Another Device/Browser

If the guest clicks an affiliate link, then later visits your site directly on a different device or browser, the cookie will not be present and the commission cannot be tracked. Note that this is quite rare.

Sale Occurred on a Different Site

For best results, Easy Affiliate should be installed on the same site where the sale takes place. Easy Affiliate has built in integrations for WooCommerce, MemberPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and PayPal Buttons.

It is possible to integrate with other systems but it may require third-party plugins or custom development. If you need further information, please contact support.

Fraud Prevention enabled

If you have the Fraud Prevention add-on installed, and it's set to reject any clicks where the referrer isn't coming from one of the websites listed on the affiliate's application – any sale that was completed from a link published on a different website would not be counted.

If you'd set that to Allow or deactivate the Fraud Prevention add-on, it would set the cookie when visiting the affiliate URL on any website.

Transaction too small

If you make a transaction below $1 (or 1€ or equivalent in other currency), the commission will not be tracked.


If you're tracking commissions from WooCommerce sales, be sure your WooCommerce Orders are being marked as “Complete”.


If you're tracking commissions from MemberPress sales, be sure your MemberPress Transactions are showing as “Complete” automatically after the guest purchases.


If you're integrating with PayPal buttons, be sure you followed the buttons steps exactly. Missing even one step can prevent commissions from being tracked properly.

If none of the above options apply, please contact our support team for further help.

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