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Easy Affiliate Developer Tools Add-on Overview

The Easy Affiliate Developer Tools add-on extends Easy Affiliate to include a full REST API and full Webhook event capability. This means that you can use the add-on to integrate Easy Affiliate with 3rd-party platforms and plugins.

This document will provide a basic overview of the add-on and its capabilities. 

Note: This add-on is available with the Easy Affiliate Pro plan.

Video Setup Instructions

Installing Easy Affiliate Developer Tools Add-on

You can install the Developer Tools add-on in the same way as any other Easy Affiliate add-on:

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Easy Affiliate > Add-ons;
  2. Search for Developer Tools, or browse the add-ons list;
  3. Click on the Install Add-on button.

Once the plugin is installed, you can access the Developer Tools options from your WordPress Dashboard > Easy Affiliate > Developer.

Here, you will find the following options:


Easy Affiliate uses webhook URLs to communicate with any 3rd-party platform or plugin through the integrations you create.

Under the Webhooks menu, you can add a webhook URL for each of your integrations. To create additional webhooks, simply click on the +” icon.

Easy Affiliate Developer Tools - Webhooks

Once created, each webhook URL comes with the Advanced option used to select events that should be sent to this webhook. 

Easy Affiliate Webhook Events

Here, you can select All Events or the specific ones for that webhook.

Webhook Key

You can use the key to authenticate webhook POST requests. This key is generated automatically by the Developer Tools add-on.

Note: If you believe your Webhook key has been compromised, you can generate a new webhook key at any time by clicking the spinning arrows icon (“Regenerate Webhook Key” icon) next to the key field.

To validate the webhook request, fetch the HTTP headers and look for the esaf-webhook-key. Here's an example of an HTTP header with the webhook key received:

Easy Affiliate Webhook Key


The Events menu lets you view dynamic documentation on available webhook events.

You can select any event, to get details on when that event is triggered, as well as a sample of the JSON response associated with it.

Easy Affiliate Developer Tools - Events

You can also test events by sending a POST request for a chosen event to all the webhooks listed under the Webhooks option.


The REST API menu option holds your API key and a list of URLs for all available Easy Affiliate REST API routes.

Your unique API key is automatically generated by the Developer Tools add-on and can be used to authenticate with the REST API.

Here you can also find dynamic documentation on REST API routes. Select the API route you need, and check all the related details:

  • URL
Easy Affiliate Developer Tools - REST API URLs
  • Example request
  • Arguments

Easy Affiliate REST API URL Arguments
  • Example response
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