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Manually add Commission

In some cases, you may need to manually add a commission. Perhaps an affiliate referred an individual who's commission wasn't tracked properly.

Easy Affiliate makes this…well EASY!

Head to your dashboard and visit the Easy Affiliate > Transactions > Add New page.

You'll see a form with the following options. Fill it out and click Create.

Affiliate: This should be the WordPress username of the affiliate who referred the sale. Ex: johndoe

Customer Name: This is the first and last name of the buyer (user who made the purchase). This is not required.

Customer Email: Again the email of the buyer. This is not required.

Product: The title of the product the buyer purchased. Ex: Modern Sandals

Unique Order ID: This should be a unique order or transaction number. Do not use spaces or special characters here. Just alpha-numeric characters. Ex: 72832 or Ex: ch_21sdlies8990ssdf9sdf02k

Amount: This should be the sub-total (no taxes or shipping costs) of the sale. The commission % will be based on this amount. Ex: 49.99

Refund Amount: You most likely will leave this as 0.00 if you're creating a new commission. But if you did offer the buyer a partial refund, put it here. The commission % will be lowered (Amount – Refund).

Flag: This option only shows up if you have our Fraud Prevention add-on enabled. This allows you to flag this commission as potentially fraudulent if necessary.

Now click “Create” button at the bottom of the form to create/save this new Commission. That's it!

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