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How to Pay Affiliates via PayPal Mass Payments

If you're not eligible for PayPal 1-Click payouts, you might be eligible for PayPal Mass Payments File to help save a bit more time paying your affiliates.

This will generate a properly formatted Mass Payments File when you pay your affiliates, which you can download, then upload to PayPal Mass Payments page to pay your affiliates in bulk.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for Mass Payouts, so you may need to work with PayPal support to ensure your PayPal account qualifies and has access to PayPal Mass Payments.

Once resolved, you can enable PayPal Mass Payments in Easy Affiliate by going to Easy Affiliate > Settings > Commissions > Payouts and checking the PayPal Mass Payments File button as shown below:

PayPal Mass Payment File button in Easy Affiliate

When paying your affiliates, at step 2 you'll see a new button that says “Download Mass Payments File”. Click that button to download the file.

Then you'll be able to upload that file to your PayPal Mass Payments page and submit it for processing.

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