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How To Set up the WishList Member Integration

Easy Affiliate supports a 0-configuration integration with WishList Member. This integration allows you to track WishList Member registrations.

Enable Integration

To begin tracking referrals through your WishList Member Membership registrations, you just need to enable the integration:

  1. Head to Dashboard > Easy Affiliate > Settings > eCommerce tab.
  2. Toggle on the WishList Member integration.
  1. Click Update Options to save changes.

That's it! Also, make sure to add some creatives for your affiliates to use to promote your memberships.

Commission Cross-Reference

Easy Affiliate uses the Transaction ID from WishList Member as the invoice (sometimes called Unique Order ID) for the commission transaction.

To find the order in question, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Easy Affiliate > Transactions.
  2. Copy the Invoice number.
  1. Navigate to Dashboard > WishList Member > Members and click on Advanced Search.
  2. Search for the transaction: paste the invoice number into the Transaction ID field and click Search.
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