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GetResponse Integration

With our GetResponse integration, you can easily add your affiliates to a list within your GetResponse account.

First you'll need to install our GetResponse add-on from the Easy Affiliate > Add-ons page.

Once installed and activated, you'll head to Easy Affiliate > Settings > Integrations in order to configure the add-on:

API Key: Login to your account. Click on the 9-dot menu button at the top left and choose Integrations & API. Next choose API tab, and create a new API key, or use an existing one. Copy that API key into Easy Affiliate settings.

List Token: Login to your account. Click on Lists, then click on the 3 dot menu next to the list you wish to use and choose List Settings. On the next page you'll see the token listed just below your List Name field as shown in the image below:

Signup Checkbox Label: This is the text next to the opt-in checkbox on your Affiliate registration form.

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