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What Is EasyAffiliate

Easy Affiliate is the “All-in-One” Affiliate Program Plugin for WordPress It helps you create a completely self-hosted affiliate program for your WordPress membership site or eCommerce store within minutes – and without the fees of third-party programs.

How can I upgrade my EasyAffiliate account and only pay the difference?

Upgrading is simple in Easy Affiliate. If you decide you'd like to upgrade from the current version you are on, simply log in, and go to the Subscriptions tab. Then go to the far right of your Subscription and click the Change Plan link.  That will send you to the standard EasyAffiliate purchase page, but the prices you'll see are prorated based on what you've paid already, and how long you've had that membership. So, the sooner you upgrade, the more you'll be credited. 

How can I cancel my current subscription?

For canceling your current EasyAffiliate subscription you will need to log in and go to the Subscriptions tab. Then go to the far right of your Subscription and click the Cancel link, which will stop any future charges from your account.

How to update my credit card info?

For updating your credit card info you will need to log in and go to the Subscriptions tab. Then go to the far right of your Subscription and click the Update link.  That's simple, right?

Is it possible to purchase an Easy Affiliate monthly subscription?

Unfortunately not, EasyAffiliate has a yearly-based subscription only.

Why I can not see my addons?

For being able to see available add-ons per your current plan you will need to add and activate your EasyAffiliate license first.

Where I can find my EasyAffiliate license?

Once you login to your EasyAffiliate account you should navigate to the Downloads tab and copy your license key from there

What will happen if I am not renewing my current subscription?

If you decide not to renew your current subscription you will not be able to do any future updates and use any of the addons and features that are developed in the meantime.

Is it possible to change the payment method that I have purchased Easy Affiliate with?

Yes, it is possible. So, for example, if you purchased EasyAffiliate with PayPal, since payment gateways don't allow for transferring subscriptions from one payment gateway to another, you will need to cancel your subscription and then once it lapses, you can re-subscribe using any other available payment method on checkout.

What EasyAffiliate plans are available?

All the available Easy Affiliate plans and their pricing you could see by visiting our Pricing page

Where I can see all the changes and fixes that are made in your current and previous versions of the EasyAffiliate plugin?

For being able to see all these you could check our Changelog page

Where I can find your Help documentation?

Easy Affiliate help articles are updated daily since the product is constantly improving by adding new features so our help articles could be found by following the link

What available payment methods Easy Affiliate is supporting?

You can check the payment methods that are available at the moment by following the link

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