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How to use the QR codes add on

This add-on is available with the purchase of the Pro license.

With the QR Codes add-on you will be able to create QR codes for the affiliate links.

However, for using it you will need to navigate to the Easy Affiliate –> Add-ons section and install this add-on first.

Once done, you will also need to check the option for the Affiliate Link QR Codes  under the Easy Affiliate –> Settings –> General tab from where you should scroll down until the Links section is reached.

Please do not forget to update these options so they could be applied to your current settings.

Ticking this option will reveal a new feature that will allow you to generate QR codes for the affiliate links.

A note that this add-on is generating QR codes only for the text links and it is not possible to use it with banners.

If you are an affiliate on the site and you check your affiliate dashboard, from the Links and Banners section you will see that the QR code is already configured there and you can click on it and download it to your computer after which you could print it or put it some app, or upload it directly to your website since options are so spreaded.

You could also download QR code for the affiliate link by clicking on the Get link button from the Actions section and donwload it from there as well

QR codes are also generated if you want to create some custom link, so after the custom link is created the following steps would be the same as you use it for downloading the code for the text links.

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